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Like most New Zealand friendly B&Bs, we are having dinner with our guests. (If you would like to eat by yourselves, please let us know.) It is a lot of fun to share food and time with the people from overseas. Kazuyo's cooking is based on Japanese traditional cooking but she also cooks European, Ethnic, Chinese, etc.

BBQ is also popular in New Zealand. We have outdoor kitchen. We sometimes eat outdoor as well. Please enjoy Kiwi style outdoor dining with Japanese food. (^o^)

Sample of our dishes
These are photos of some examples from our cooking. You can see the larger size of photos by clicking it.

We will design the course with the information from you what you like and/or what you cannot eat. Please book the dinner at least 3 days before your arrival. The more time we have, the more information we can get from you. That will make your meal better. Our vegetables are different in each seasons. We will use the best vegetables in the season from our vege-gardens.


Japanese Style Dish




(We have had Western breakfast but we are developing Japanese style as well.)
NABE (Japanese Hot Pot)
One of the most recommendable Japanese dishes is "NABE". Nabe is a Japanese style hot pot. It is very popular in Japan, especially in the winter time. We really want our guests to experience this hot pot because it is healthy and a lot of fun. It is a good tool for us to communicate with people sharing one hot pot with the people we meet. It is a traditional Japanese way to welcome people as well. You can enjoy various vegetables from our garden, including Shiitake mushroom.
Source of our organic food

We have some organic vegetable gardens, organic orchard and organic sheep paddock. Our lamb meat is home killing. We are also trying to produce most of food we need, such as Tofu, Miso, Apple Vinegar, Beer, etc.
Eating outdoor is fun.