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Slow Living is "Organic Life"

We believe Slow Living is "Organic Life". Organic life is not to eat organic food. It is to live naturally with humanity. Do you have any family or friends who died of cancer? We have, too. The more progressed the medical science is, the more cancer we are having. The number of death by cancer is still increasing even today. The number of babies with allergies are increasing. The number of people who are suffering with mental problems is increasing. However, all these problems have come to us recently, just in half a century. Why? We should understand these come from our way of living. This is not caused by any particular food. Even if you try to be a vegetarian or to have only organic food, these problems won't disappear. We should know that these are disfunctions of our lifestyle and caused by the way of thinking for living.
Slow Food

We provide dinner as well as breakfast. You can experience the healthy Japanese cuisine in New Zealand which may give you some ideas for your healthy diet in your country.

Both of us are from Kyoto city Japan which is known as a city with the best food in Japan. Kyoto has lots of traditional cultures and we have traditional cuisine as healthy diet. We Japanese haven't had much meat in our daily life but we have been eating fish, shell fish and some meat, too. Kyoto is also known for growing various vegetables (called Kyo-vegetables). We use various vegetables in Kyoto traditional cuisine so we grow some in our gardens. This would be one of the best Slow Food.

We would like you to enjoy our Japanese Slow food and enjoy talking with us. If you are interested in Japanese cooking, you are most welcome to watch Kazuyo's cooking.

Please see the Dining with Us page for detail.
Slow Travel

What is Slow Travel? Some people say that it is travel as you live there. To experience the oversea lifestyle, just the sightseeing won't be enough. Please stay at our place for a while and live like the local people do. You may feel like a Kiwi.

If you are interested in experiencing the local lifestyle, we can introduce you to some people with self-sufficient lifestyle, community and even some other B&Bs to stay..
We are developing our property in a Permaculture style. We are growing vegetables organically, producing bamboo charcoals and using it in our daily life. We grow vegetables and fruit trees in our property. We raise sheep organically as well. We are also trying to produce some processed foods we need by ourselves as much as possible.

The area where our B&B is located is called Ngatimoti. Many people have come from all over the world to have Slow Living lifestyle to this area. Ngatimoti is international place. There is one of the oldest "Communities" in the world called "Riverside". There are also many international people living in self-sufficient style around this area. If you are interested in these lifestyle, we can introduce you to them.